There are many things in Islam that you will not fully understand. You should not be alarmed by that because the study of Islam is a lifelong endeavor. And even if you study all of our life full-time you would still be unable to exhaust everything Islam has to teach. 

So, for example, when you read a verse or passage in the Quran or read a Hadith and it does not make sense, don’t be alarmed by that. Instead, ask Allah for understanding or go to a scholar in your area and ask your question. But never allow your lack of understanding of a certain issue cause you to doubt the veracity of the teachings of Islam. The understanding will come to you if you are patient. 
It may be that you have to go through a particular set of circumstances before this understanding comes. It is only as you experience certain things in your life and then go back and re-read these verses do they begin to take on a new meaning and the reality of what the verses are saying finally sinks into your heart and mind.
There are some people who will read a verse or passage from the Quran for many years over and over again and the meaning of it does not come to them. But then they pass through a certain set of circumstances, such as a trial or an encounter with some people, and then they go back and revisit those verses and all of a sudden they become illuminated. This is why, as I said, it is important to remain patient if you don’t understand now.
Wait for and hope that the understanding comes at a time when you most need it in your life.
In my own personal experience, I feel that when I’m in a better state of obedience and commitment to the deen of Allah and I am reading the Quran during these times, I seem to get more out of the verses than I do when my Iman and level of obedience is not so great.
This is one reason why Ramadan is such a great blessing for all of the believers. It is in this month that the believers are in a greater state of obedience and observance to what Allah has ordained, as well as seeking to stay away from that which He has forbidden. When one is in that state they are in a better spiritual condition to receive the message of the Quran without all of the static or hindrances that are resident within their lives during the other times of the year.
So it is in this month that you, dear reader, should make supplication to Allah while you are fasting and ask of Him to increase your knowledge and understanding of Islam. And, inshallah, your supplication will be answered because you are spiritually more receptive than you are at other times of the year.
May Allah increase us all in understanding and help us to put into practice the teachings of Islam in our lives so that we may draw closer to Him.