Daily Prayers

Alhamdulillah, we are open for the five daily prayers every day of the week. 

Brothers, sisters and children are always welcome. The entrances are at the rear of the building. An accessible entrance is available.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Alhamdulillah, we are fully open without restrictions!

Brothers, sisters and children of all ages are welcome. Parents are kindly requested to supervise their children at all times.

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell.

Friday Prayers

Friday prayers are held at our location, 351 Sandhill Rd. (parking and entrances at the back). Brothers and sisters are welcome. No registration is required.

We will have three Friday prayer sessions during Ramadan, Insha Allah:

  • 1 pm
  • 2.15 pm
  • 4 pm

Parents with children are kindly asked to be aware of their child’s whereabouts at all times. Kindly take your child out for a break if they cause too much disturbance, such as consistently loud crying or running around during the khutbah and while people are worshipping. Basement Hall 2 is available with a live video feed for mothers with children when it is not in use.

Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh prayers begin on Wednesday, March 22. We will complete the Qur’an on the 29th night of Ramadan (Wed. April 19), Insha Allah.

Here are the timings for Isha during Ramadan:

March: 9 pm
Apr. 1-8: 9.15 pm
Apr. 9-15: 9.20 pm
April 16-19: 9.30 pm

Mother-Child Room with live video feed is available in Basement Hall 2. Please note that all parents must remain with their children (under age 13) at all times.