Convert Care

We are honoured to welcome our new Muslim brothers and sisters! Our mission is to provide the care and guidance that new Muslims need soon after accepting Islam. We have a schedule of regular events through the year, along with classes to teach the basics of Islam. We are also available to provide support whenever needed. Please email us at, or for immediate assistance, connect with one of our mentors.
Our very first ConvertCare event was held on Saturday, June 10, 2023. Masha Allah, over 20 brothers and sisters were in attendance as our esteemed panelists (Sr. Sakina, Br. Shawn and Br. Abdul Hay) discussed the importance of providing support to new Muslims. Many meaningful ideas, suggestions and stories were shared by the panelists and guests. Maghrib prayer was led by Br. Abdul Hay, who accepted Islam in 2016. He has since memorized the Qur'an and runs the Institute of Qur'anic Arabic, Masha Allah.