“With the growth of the Muslim population in the Kanata area, the need to have a place Muslims can call their home was very obvious. With very limited space, the KMA team has created marvelous program for all age groups and demographics. I cannot imagine how much good this team will be able to achieve for Muslims families and the community when they have their own place. Definitely, I support the KMA project and its expansion.”

– Br. Ahmed Ibrahim

“The Kanata Muslim Association have invested time and energy in providing services to the growing Muslim community of Kanata. I admire their passion and drive in reaching out to all ages and all cultures, as well as engaging with other faith communities. I’m proud to be a resident of Kanata, where community spirit is nurtured by the steadfast work of the KMA.”

– Dr. Aisha Sherazi

“Over the last several years, KMA has portrayed our faith and beliefs to the community in the most positive light alhamdulillah.  Its programs have developed to include both genders and different age groups, and it has also engaged with other faith communities. Having a masjid in Kanata is not only a dream that’s been in the making for years, but it’s the next logical step to meet the needs of the growing Muslim community in Kanata.”

– Sr. Amany Zahran

“The KMA has done a superb job of building a strong, inclusive, forward-looking community of faith in Kanata.  We should all invest in the success of their Masjid/Community Centre for our own sake and that of coming generations. The KMA is model for Muslim communities in the West.  My interactions with them have always been extremely positive and I particularly appreciate continuous efforts to seek consensus, engage all segments of the community and plan for the future.”

– Sr. Amy Awad

“A Masjid is a source of divine blessings or ‘Barakah’ for the entire community and ours has been a long time coming. Let’s seize this opportunity to invest in our future and the future of our Ummah by supporting this wonderful project in the heart of Canada’s hi-tech hub!”

– Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed

“We are proud of KMA team being very helpful and cooperating with SNMC team in many aspects over the years to be a service organization of choice for the betterment of the Ottawa-Gatineau community. We are happy to state that KMA and SNMC, along with other masjids in Ottawa -Gatineau, are working together to create a model Muslim community in Canada. We wish success in rapid completion of building KMA Masjid & Community center on 4 acres prime land in the heart of Kanata.”

– Dr. Emdad Khan

“C’est avec une grande fierté que je félicite toute l’équipe de KMA pour toutes ces heures de travail. Par la grâce d’Allah, la communauté de Kanata s’agrandit et est prête à construire l’un des meilleurs endroits: La maison d’Allah.”

Sr. Farida Bouaouadja

“It’s hard for me to express how much I admire and appreciate all the activities and programs provided by KMA. I am particularly delighted when I see my own kids so keen to attend STRIVE and Children’s Circle, and the positive impact such programs have on them. May Allah give you the best rewards in this life and in the Hereafter.”

– Br. Hicham Ouahid

“I have been a resident of Kanata North for the last 12 years. Building a Masjid in Kanata North has been on the agenda for KMA since I moved to Kanata. Alhamdulillah, under the current administration of KMA, the dream is getting to become a reality. I think with small investment and with your support, we could achieve this goal soon inshaa Allah.”

– Br. Mohamed Abokasem

“The Kanata Muslim Association is an important part of the growth of our community and is cultivating great values in our future generations.”

– Sr. Khadra Abdi

“I have been witnessing KMA growing from day one. I saw the brothers and sisters of KMA do their best to help the community-at-large and the Muslim community. By the help of Allah then the effort of the board, the Imam and the dedicated volunteers, they provided a lot of programs and services to Muslims. Every day, the services are getting better and better. I pray to Allah to put barakah in their effort.”

– Br. Sameh Ayoub

“By the Grace of Allah, KMA has grown immensely in its service to the Muslim community and to Canadians in general. This generosity of spirit reflects the best of our faith. Let us be part of this excellence by supporting the next phase of growth: the purchase of property that will serve as a hub of continued service. As the Quran states: is the reward for good anything but good?”

– Dr. Sheema Khan

“KMA is the heart of the Muslim community in Kanata provided much needed services that enable Muslim families to learn, grow and bond together in a highly professional manner.”

– Br. Sherif Awad

“In the Kanata Muslim Association, I have found friends and partners in our common goal to create a better world and neighborhood under the inspiration of God. Their project to build a mosque is the logical next step to attain this goal. May we continue to walk together faithfully in the coming years.”

– Rev. Stéphane Vermette
Kanata United Church

“I believe with the blessings of Allah and hard work, the KMA team will not only build a mosque but a community that will thrive. It is an honour from Allah for anyone to support this great effort.”

– Dr. Yamen Ghamian