A can’t-miss opportunity to secure the rewards of giving in Allah’s way for over 1000 months, Insha Allah!

Give on the 10 nights of power. 
Reap the reward for giving on over 30,000 nights. 
(In shaa Allah!)

Make sure you give in Allah’s way on Laylatul Qadr by signing up below to automatically donate a fixed amount on each of the last 10 nights of Ramadan! 


      • WHY: Worship on Laylatul Qadr is worth over 1000 months (83 years and 3 months) of worship. Charity is the way we worship with our money. Laylatul Qadr falls on one of the last 10 nights, but we don’t know which one. Plus, with differences in Ramadan dates, it could be a night that you are least expecting. We’re making it easy for you to make sure you don’t miss this tremendous opportunity.
      • WHAT: Give automatically on the last 10 nights of Ramadan to help establish a much-needed masjid & centre in Kanata (Ottawa, Ontario) that’ll bring you rewards from salah, Qur’an recitation, dawah, education, helping the needy, feeding the poor, guiding youth, offer counseling and spiritual counsel to those facing challenges and much more – for centuries to come (in shaa Allah)! Learn more about our community, our work and our project here.

      • HOW: Fill out the form to have your bank account debited securely every night from March 30 to April 8, 2024. The debits will be sent to our bank for processing on the night of March 30 (Ramadan 21 night) and end when the the last debit is sent on the night of April 8, in shaa Allah. Please note that debits may show up one or two business days later in your account, but rest assured that they will be sent in for processing on each of the last 10 nights, Insha Allah. 

May Allah accept from you and give you the reward of over 1000 months of giving!

Charity tax receipts will be emailed to all Canadian donors in Feb. 2025 and can be used to get up to 40% of donations back in tax credits.