Assalamu ‘Alikum (Peace be upon you)!
We’re so glad that you found us and we’re thrilled to have you as a member of our community. Below are some important details to get you started.


1. Stay up-to-date: Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on events, prayer timings and Friday prayer locations, death and birth notices and more. Just fill out the short form below to sign up or click here:

Our Facebook page is also a great place to find the latest information about our community.

2. Friday prayers are normally held at the Richcraft Recreation Complex (Gym), 4101 Innovation Dr., Kanata from just after 1 pm to about 1:50 pm, year-round. Brothers and sisters are welcome. There might be some weeks, especially during the summer and winter holidays, when prayers are held elsewhere due to facility unavailability. Please check our weekly email or Facebook page for updates on changes.

3. Daily Prayers: We have a small Mossala (prayer place) at 1120 March Rd., Kanata for prayers and small events. The entrance from rear “KMA” door for both brothers and sisters. Worshippers are welcome at any time and there are people usually there for most prayers (Fajr, Maghrib, Isha on weekdays and all five prayers on weekends). You can find timings here. If you would like the access code, please email us a request with your name and phone number.

4. Classes: We have two schools for children. Hikmah Saturday School offers language (Arabic and Urdu) in the morning from 9:30 am to noon, and Islamic studies from noon to 2:30 pm. Al-Madinah Qur’an School offers instruction on recitation and memorization of Qur’an with tajweed on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm.

5. Imam: Our full-time resident imam, Imam Sikander Hashmi, is available to answer questions, offer spiritual counsel and help with family issues. You can email him to book an appointment.

6. Volunteer: Our community relies heavily on volunteers. If you’d like to help out, please fill out this form.

7. Introduce Yourself! We’d love to know more about you. Please send us an email with details about yourself and your family. It would be our pleasure to meet you in-person!