We operate two schools for children: Hikmah School on Saturdays offers Arabic/Urdu Language and Islamic Studies while Al-Madinah School on Monday and Wednesday evenings offers Qur’anic instruction & memorization with tajweed. We have a combined enrollment of over 400 students, alhamdulillah.

Our Children’s Circle sessions give children the opportunity to gather together and learn about special topics, ask questions and win prizes.

Every Saturday evening during the school year, our STRIVE  youth program for boys ages 13+ offers an opportunity to play sports, build brotherhood and hear words of wisdom and guidance.

Our Girls’ Club is taking a break and will return in the near future, inshaa Allah. We are also connecting with local public schools and are available to offer assistance to students and staff.

We also hold regular sessions on Tafseer, Seerah and general Questions & Answers, along with daily hadith readings, for adults and families. Follow us on Facebook or visit our main site for upcoming events.

Ramadan of 1438 (2017) marked the debut of our new Multilingual Ramadan Lecture Series, featuring religious lecture in English, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali and Somali. We also held our very first Children’s Circle in French.

Our new Masjid & Centre will enable us to hold more programs and events, with greater capacity and more convenient timings, in shaa Allah. At the moment, our programming is limited by availability of rental facilities and lack of space.