• Zoning and site plan applications submitted to the city, alhamdulillah!
  • Construction equipment on-site in Spring 2018, in shaa Allah
  • Large payment to city required before work can begin
  • 595 gifts of $595 needed to cover cost. Please click here to make a gift now. Every dollar counts!
After many months of planning, discussion, reflection and consultation, we submitted our zoning and site plan applications to the City of Ottawa in September, alhamdulillah!
In order to put together our application package, we relied on the expertise of a planning consultant, an architect and other firms (e.g. engineering, geotechnical, landscaping, etc.). Alhamdulillah, they have done a fantastic job in putting together a comprehensive and well-reasoned proposal. You can explore our application, including the proposed design of the new building, floor plans, site plan and other documents, by clicking here.
Insha Allah, we hope to receive city approval soon and have construction equipment on-site in the spring, in shaa Allah. Before work can begin though, we will need to make a large deposit of approximately $350,000 to the city, which we are focused on collecting right now. Once the deposit is returned to us, these funds will be put towards the construction of our Masjid & Centre, in shaa Allah.

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