Congratulations and thank you to everyone who submitted entries for our Expressions of the Heart Creative Challenge! Entries were very inspiring and have given us great ideas for the future Kanata Muslim Community Centre & Masjid!

All contestants will be invited to a special community gathering regarding our masjid & community centre project on the evening of Friday, April 21 for prizes and participation awards!

Top entries were unanimously selected by a panel of four judges and were scored on Creativity, Effort and Ideas:

Age 4-6: Ayah & Elyzah Siddique

Age 7-12: Hanaa & Mounia Barka

Age 18+: Hafsa Khan

Congratulations! May Allah accept your efforts! Stay tuned for details about our event on the evening of Friday, April 21, inshaa Allah!

(Note: Ideas and suggestions proposed by contestants are not necessarily endorsed by Kanata Muslim Association)

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