Through the Mercy of Allah and your generous support, we have reached our target for our current “Our Home, Our Dreams” fundraising campaign. Alhamdulillah!

These funds will be used to pay off the interest-free loans we took to purchase our new property and to begin the zoning process, inshaa Allah. This is a great and much-needed boost to get us started, alhamdulillah.

We ask Allah Almighty to greatly bless and reward each person who contributed, volunteered, reached out to others and made du’aa for the success of our efforts. May Allah shower you and your families with His mercy and gifts, remove all your difficulties, protect you all and grant you safety, health and prosperity in this world and the next.

Although this campaign is complete, donations are always welcome as we will need further support in the future for required modifications to the existing structure and property to make it usable based on city requirements, inshaAllah.

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